1.   Name and Domicile

In accordance with article 60 et seqq. ZGB, a non-profit organisation with the title “Zainabiya Association of Zurich” exists and is domiciled at the Zainabiya Centre, at Grabenstrasse 9, 8952 Schlieren.

  2.   Vision

The vision of the association is to facilitate and promote the transfer of knowledge and teachings of the Muslim Shia Ithna-Asheri faith.

  3.   Objective

The objectives of the association are to serve the needs of the Muslim Shia Ithna-Asheri community, which include:

  • Operation and maintenance of the Zainabiya Centre
  • Conducting religious gatherings commemorating the auspicious days of the Shia Ithna-Asheri calendar
  • Conducting religious classes for the children of the community
  • Providing a platform for integration
  • Promoting the peaceful co-existence amongst different beliefs

Considering the diversity of the community the operating language shall be English and German.

  4.   Finances

In order to fulfill its objectives, the association is funded by monthly membership fees as well as donations. The fees are defined and reviewed annually by the committee, based on the incurred and projected expenses of the association. At a bare minimum, the fees must cover the operating costs of the Zainabiya Centre and conduct religious gatherings.

  5.   Membership

5.1.   Active Members

The criteria for Active Membership are:

  • Belief in the Muslim Shia Ithna-Asheri faith
  • Respect of the association’s statutes
  • Participation in the association’s activities
  • Good moral standing and law abiding demeanor
  • Application to President approved by the Committee

Active Members pay the active membership fee as defined by the Committee and are eligible to vote above the age of 16.

5.2.   Associate Members

The criteria for Associate Membership are:

  • Belief in the Muslim Shia faith
  • Respect of the association’s statutes
  • Good moral standing and law abiding demeanor
  • Application to President approved by the Committee
  • Distance of residence from the Zainabiya Centre further away than that defined in the operating rules or intention only for seasonal attendance.

Associate Members pay the associate membership fee as defined by the Committee and are not eligible to vote.

5.3.   Honorary Members

Honorary Members are legal entities or individuals appointed by the committee for outstanding contributions to the objectives of the Association by providing free services and/or making donations etc. They do not have voting rights.

In accordance with article 70 ZGB, none of the membership types are transferable or heritable.

  6.   Termination of Membership

Membership shall end:

  • Through voluntary resignation
  • In case of non-payment of membership fee
  • If the conduct of the member is detrimental to the reputation or interests of the Association

  7.   Resignation / Exclusion

Resignation is possible at any time with one month’s written notice and is effective at the end of the following calendar month. The letter of resignation must be submitted to the Committee.

If a member does not abide by the statutes of the Association, the Committee may exclude him from the Association. This decision may be appealed in the next General Assembly.

  8.   Organs of the Association

The Association consists of:

  • The General Assembly
  • The Committee

  9.   The General Assembly

The General Assembly is comprised of the Active Members. The ordinary general assembly shall take place annually. Extraordinary general assemblies may be convened by the President when required, or at the request of at least 20% of the Active Members. The Committee sets the agenda based on proposals by the members, and shall give prior written notice of the same to all members. The President shall convene and chair the General Assembly.

Only items on the agenda can be put to vote. In principle, the General Assembly makes its decisions by simple majority of the present or proxy Active Members. The amendment of these Statutes requires a three quarters majority of votes, with the quorum being 55 % of all Active Members. Abstentions are taken in consideration for the quorum but are neglected to calculate the majority asked.

The General Assembly has the following tasks:

  • Approval of budgets and accounts
  • Election of the Committee from amongst the Active Members of the Association
  • Modification of the Statutes via voting
  • Decisions in case of an appeal by an excluded member
  • Decisions regarding the dissolution of the Association and the disposal of its funds

In case of absence any eligible voters may be represented by proxy at the General Assembly by one of the Active Members through written consent.

10.   The Committee

The Committee is comprised of the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer and the General Secretary. At least one of the Committee Members must be male and at least one must be female. The Committee is elected for a term of 3 years and can be revoked at any time. In case the Committee becomes incomplete, the remaining Committee Members take over the duties until a replacement is elected.

The Committee is the public face of the Association. It takes care of the day to day activities and is responsible that all its members adhere to the statutes. It drafts the operating rules and amends them from time to time.

The Committee convenes as often as required. The President chairs the Committee meetings and has the casting vote. All resolutions of the Committee shall be recorded in minutes, signed by the Vice-President and the General Secretary.

11.    Signing Authority

The Committee members have collective signature rights jointly by two.

12.   Dissolution of the Association

The Association intends to operate for an unlimited period of time. If all members agree, the Association may be dissolved. If the Association is dissolved, all remaining funds after fulfillment of all outstanding obligations shall be transferred to an association pursuing similar ideals.

13.   Liability

In accordance with article 75a ZGB, only the assets of the Association are liable for the debts of the Association. There is no personal liability of the members for the debts of the Association.

All matters which are not covered by the present statutes shall be settled in accordance with Swiss law. These Statutes have been approved by the founding assembly dated [] and come into force on this date.

October 21, 2012