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The Who is Hussain teams around the world focus on making a visible difference in their local communities.

To this end, as our team in Zurich carries out food drives to support the volunteers at the food bank Essen für Alle (please read on for more details) every week, we are very much dependent on your support. We have all walks of people in our Jamaat who can volunteer to:

  • cook a vegetarian and non-vegetarian dish each week
  • deliver the food to the charity on Friday evening or Saturday morning
  • provide financial aid

It is extremely important to us that no one feels pressured or obliged to contribute beyond their means – e.g. if someone has the time and ability to cook but is uncomfortable with the financial outlay, they will be reimbursed for their expenses by the central fund which will be stocked up Insha’Allah by those who have the money but no time.

Do get in touch with us at

As a rough guidance to our donors, each weekly drive costs CHF 100. Please help!